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Graver sharpenuing tools


Saw a machine at the local Costco this morning:

Playsplug Compact Drill, Chisel and Plane Sharpener. Costco #

It has a two inch wheel and a bunch of attachment for sharpening
various tools. Perhaps it could be use to sharpen some of your

I am using a Crocker sharpener and since my goal is wire inlay, the
sharpening angle is critical. My mentor uses three different tools
to get the proper seat for the wire, two which are sharpened to 45
degrees. I cut a 4" long 3/16" square piece of tool steel.

Squared the ends and then ground one end to a pretty close 45 degree
angle half way on the squared face. I use that guide on my stone
before sharpening the 45 degree cutting edges on my gravers. I set
the gravers into the Crocker sharpener and measure out from the body
of the sharpener to the graver tip…1 1/4 inch so each graver gets
the same angle in stoning. This Juno is not working right (again) so
I hope the spelling is not too bad.

Bill in Vista

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
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