Graphic images on silver and stone

We have been using a polymer mask to prevent acid and the
electro-plating process from affecting areas on our pieces we don’t
want affected. The mask is then chemically dissolved leaving the
image we want.

The question is, is anyone aware of a coating material, organic or
inorganic, that will not adhere to the polymer mask thereby causing a
"bridging" problem. The material would actually have to reject, or be
rejected by the polymer mask PRIOR to curing. Curing could be
accomplished through heat, air drying, or cross linking.

I know it’s a tough one, but there is allot of smart people who have
solved tougher problems on this group.

Thanks for the help.


What is the thickness of the polymer mask? The mask must be taller
than the electro-deposited metal to maintain control and prevent

Is your polymer photo-sensitive? Are you using lithography?

There must be several material coatings that will not adhere to the
polymer. How would this coating prevent bridging?

My reply is with more questions than help, because what you are
trying to do is not very clear to me.

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