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Granulation Workshops in NYC

Hello, I am planning a trip to New York in Decemeber and would
like to take a granulation class. I’ve read ads in Metalsmith
for both Cecelia Bauer’s studio and the Jewelry Arts Institute.
If anyone has experience with either, or suggestions, would you
please e-mail directly, unless other Orchidites express interest
in this topic, in which case posting would be good. Thanks.
Regards, Elizabeth Wilkinson

Hi Elizabeth, I am an instructor myself /Chasing and Repousse/
Many of my students have already taken classes with Cecilia
Bauer, and have mastered the technique of granulation to a
notable level. That is definitely the place to go, but you have
to call well in advance and secure your place in the class with a
small deposit.Enjoy it!

Best regards to you and all my Orchid friends!

Valentin Yotkov