Granulation project

Thanks to all who contributed for my grad school silver
granulation reasearch project! Everything went very well. Supplies
and resources located, paper written, projects done. Even the demo
worked perfectly! Even with ~15 people leaning over to watch!
Granules fused with one try. I benefitted immensely from all the
so generously offered! You have my sincere thanks!
Linnea Lahlum

I didnt know enough to contribute, and would love to read your paper,
is it possible to e-mail me a copy? I promise not to copy it. karen in vancouver

Me too, me too! If this is asking too much - and it may be - has
anyone kept copys of the thread that they could send me? If this was
successful on your first try, and in the presence of others (often a
recipe for disaster) it must be useful Congratulations.
Alan Heugh

Hello! I will also join the band wagon and request a copy of the
Granulation paper. I would certainly appreciate it as I am preparing
to do some granulation in both silver and gold. Thanks a bunch!! Susan Ronan

I would also like a copy or web site address for the granulation
paper. Thank you. Steve Ramsdell

Since there have been a number of inquiries about the granulation
project, why don’t you reproduce the article for all of us to view?