Granulation on sterling


I’ve geen reading all the recipes for granulation glue. Maybe I
missed it but what are some tips for granulation with sterling

Should I deplete guild the sterling to bring the fine silver to the
surface? What is the recipe for sterling glue?

Virginia Lyons

The granulation glue is the same. However, you will need to coat all
your granules with copper first. See John Cogswells excellent
protocol for this in Metal Technikes (sp) by Tim McCreight.


With Silver granulation is a close shave. I would not want the silver
on the surface but rather the copper. So do not pickle your beads nor
your sheet. use additional copper oxide for bigger beads or even
wires. to be on the saver side you can use 800/- Silver beads on 925/-
or even 950/- Silver. In Germany it would than have to be stamped 800
I don’t know about your laws (if there are any??). Good luck and keep
calm it is only metal