Granulation Classes 2004

Dear Felicity,

Ronda Coryell will teach two granulation classes here at the Revere
Academy in downtown San Francisco in January of 2004. Our students
rave about Ronda and her enthusiasm. Her excitement is contagious.
She is an amazing designer, jeweler and instructor. One of her
designs, which was featured on the cover of the Revere catalog last
spring, won the Saul Bell award in 2002. I am sure you would gain an
incredible amount from studying with her.

Here are the dates and class descriptions for Ronda’s granulation
classes next spring:

GRANULATION 1: SILVER Elective Workshop
9 am - 6 pm on Jan 26-28 $465 +$75 kit

Spend three full days concentrating on this beautiful ancient
technique. Learn the process of making granules, fusing metal and
designing textures to use in your work. You will be introduced to the
process through a slide presentation of the history of granulation
from ancient to contemporary work. Expert demonstration is followed
by hands-on experience as you design and create your own granulated
jewels in fine silver. Prerequisite: Fabrication 3 or experience. 24

GRANULATION 2: GOLD Elective Workshop
9 am - 6 pm on Jan 30-Feb 1 $465 + $100 kit

Expanding on Granulation 1, this class is a great opportunity for
those experienced in granulation to move forward. Learn how to alloy
22k gold, create more intricate patterns, build up layers of
granules as well as how to granulate on bezels, ring shanks, spheres,
clasps, and more. (Students working in gold are required to provide
their own sheet and wire. Gold granules are included in the kit
price.) Prerequisite: Granulation 1. 24 hours

For more please see our web site at

I hope to see you in class!

Christine Dhein
Assistant Director
Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts

760 Market Street, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94102
phone: (415) 391-4179 fax: (415) 391-7570
e-mail: @Christine_Dhein