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Granulation & Argentium Sterling


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At your suggestion, I tried granulation with Argentium granules on
Argentium sheet. the Argentium granules worked very well and the
window of opportunity is quite wide in that I did not melt any
granules even when the sheet metal looked close to meltdown. I
heated (torch) the sheet until a small amount of surface melting
occurs. It is not the flash of fine silver but a slight liquid
look. Also, I decided to add more granules to already fused
granules (in case one falls off can another one be added later) and
that worked very well. I hope others will try this because it is
much easier than with silver/copper granulation as well as fine
silver fusing. 


I am so excited to hear how well granulation worked with Argentium
Sterling! I wonder if you are in the mood for one more experiment? I
am wondering whether/how fine silver granules would work with
Argentium Sterling sheet—since fine silver granules are
commercially available, that could be handy for people who are not
accustomed to making their own granules.

Cynthia Eid