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Granulation and ancient metalwork

Hi all,

the recent discussions on granulation piqued my interest, and poking
about on the web I came across this thesis by Robert Baines that
those of you interested in the the more technical aspects might find

It is a bit slow to load but also has some interesting details on
making beaded and spooled wire.

kind regards Tim Blades.


There has been much discussion about Granulation while I was in
Tucson. Now that I am back, I feel that I must comment. For those
interested in learning the ancient technique, I normally would start
by teaching in Fine Silver, as this is absolutely the most difficult
and where the fine torch control is achieved. Then, I would move on
to granulating with 22k gold on gold. Since gold prices sky
rocketed, I have done only a few gold granulation classes. I would
urge anyone interested in learning Granulation to try it with
Argentium. It is soooo much easier than using Fine Silver. Argentium
has the ability to fuse in ways that no other metal I have ever tried
can do. While in Tucson, I was surprised how many people I talked
with had purchased Argentium last year and still had not tried it.
For those that have it laying around the studio, take it out and
play! Even if you try a small sample, give it a try! The trick is to
coat the surface with yellow flux and fuse on a hard, compressed
charcoal block. Take everything to the temperature that the flux
becomes like water droplets dancing on the surface. The flux acts as
an indicator and also protects the surface. First the flame will turn
bright orange, then the entire piece will glow bright orange/red and
you will see the fusing taking place. Most of my custom work now
consists of Argentium in combination with 22k or Platinum.

Ronda Coryell