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Granulation and amber

several years ago (more than 15 less than 25) i read an article
in i think natural history magazine about amber being used in the
then almost lost art of granulation. at the time i was not making
jewelry yet so i didn’t save it but for some reason it seems to
have stuck in my mind and i have been wondering if anyone knows
about the use of amber in granulation. as i remember the author
had done analysis on a piece of antique gold jewelry that was
done in a granulation style. it sees the result was amber was
used as a glue and anti-oxidizer giving the pices a very
distinctive color to the gold. now my memory is good but has to
be 1972-74 for the article and that means a lot of water under
the bridge but every time i see a posting on granulation i
remember this article. anyone got any feedback on this use of
amber in granulation? wish to this day i had saved the article.
Food for thought and research?