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Hello out there, I am trying to get my carved wood jewelry(incl.
silver, acrylic)buisness, off the ground.I have been carving nyc for
20 years and have the ability to greatly produce. I sell to a gallery
in san.fran. with excellent results. African american women and
upscale uniqely stylish women around nyc love it also. I wouldn’t be
able to rate a loan, but I have heard from professional people that
grants are a very possible thing. I was told to try the SBA(small
buisness…) in my area. I basically need it to get my shop out of my
house(rent) and to afford some wholesale shows. Of course I could use
a few more production items.

Have any of you been so skillful as to get a grant? My acct.(guy who
does my taxes) says 25,000 should be no problem. Is the sba the place
to try, gov. artist grant? Anything helpful would be appreciated,
thank you.

And lastly, in my quest for unique upscale boutiques and highend
craft stores that might like exquisitely carved wood jewelry/with
silver/ bronze/copper accents,I beg anyone’s indulgence or
insight.(cities or resorts?,L.A.,DC, out west,Atlanta,Fla.,Tx.,Wash.,

I have as many pictures as needed to show my work, and please don’t
hesitate to contact offline.

thank you then,

Hi David, It’s seems I am in the same boat as you. My husband was
laid off and rather than have him go back to work I would like to
make my jewelry business a full time thing that will pay our bills.
I was just looking into grants as a source to get some investment
income - to add more production designs in my line, for wholesale
shows, and to give me time to get placed find wholesale showrooms and
develop some clientel. I tried the SBA, but they do not give out
grants. They will, however, back a loan for a business just starting
out that has a poor chance of getting one on it’s own. I have not
been able to find a source for artist grants. Most of the grants I
have come across are for those who do things for their community -
for non profit groups. I hope your professional friends are right,
but so far to me it seems that if it sounds too good to be true then
it probably isn’t. Jill P. S. I am also in
NYC area. You might want to try Fragments 107 Greene St. in SoHo.
They are a retail artist jewelry store in the front and
have a wholesale showroom in the back.

If you haven’t tried your state commission on the arts, I’d start
there. We have this in the state of Texas, to some degree, but I
haven’t taken the time to figure it out yet.

Often, they have a state represenative in a local area that might be
able to help give you some guidance.

Good luck!
Sharon Perdasofpy

Hi David, This is in response for your quest for selling your items.
From your description it sounds as if you would fare well selling to
Museum gift shops. There was an interesting article in todays
(Thursday 1-10-02) New Yorks Times Arts Section on this subject.

Try the gift shop at the Brooklyn Museum and the American Folk Art
Museum gift shop. The Smithsonian gift shop might also be a good
place. Washington DC is also a great place to check out the museum
gift shops.

Good Luck!
Diane Sadel