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Grants - African American sales

David, This post is in addition to my previous post about museums.
There are 3 additional places you might want to try and show your
goods. There is a retail coop in Brooklyn (718) 875 6500 called the
4W Circle that specialized in African American Designs. (I think it
is on Fulton Street)

There is a Museum of Africa Art Gift shop in Washington DC. There
number is (202) 786 2147

Around 8 to 9 years ago I represented a woman who made African
American Jewelry and I had sold some of her items to an upscale
clothing boutique called Grand Jury in Bethesda Md. I do not
remember the owners name however I remember that she did well with
that line. The store is located on Old Georgetown Rd. at the
intersection with Democracy Blvd.

I hope this helps.
Diane Sadel