Grad school major in Metalsmithing

Question for the Group. I’m planning on attending grad school in 2
to 3 years to major in Jewelry/Metalsmithing. I completed my
undergrad at Towson University under Professor Jan Baum. Where would
you suggest I go to grad school and why? I’m just doing some research
and would love some advice. I’m open to going anywhere, and I know in
2 or 3 years schools do change.

Thanks for your help, Valerie

Valerie A. Heck

Wow, what an open question. I’d say Cranbrook or RISD.

Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay


There are any number of excellent grad schools with metals programs.
As a graduate, I am partial to the Cranbrook Academy of Art in
Bloomfield Hills, MI.

They have a 10,000 square foot excellently equipped metals facility
and each student is given a 120 square foot studio. Studios are open
24/7. Contact me off line if you have any questions.

Joel Schwalb

You should ask this question later. What are you planning on doing
for the next few years? What are your particular area of interest in
this field? Have you asked Jan Baum? Etc.?



Do you plan on attending SNAG coming up in March? It’s going to be
hosted by SCAD (The Savannah College of Art and Design). What better
time to check out a program that offers a Masters in jewelry? I
received my BFA from thier Metals and Jewelry major in 2005 and
highly recommend the program.

Ryan Ricks

You might look at the program at SUNY New Paltz. The instructors
there are Myra Mimlitch Gray, Jamie Bennett and John Cogswell. That’s
a pretty impressive lineup to work with.

Honestly, if I were younger, I would follow John Cogswell as a
teacher to the ends of the earth. He is a teacher’s teacher,
compassionate, smart and explains everything at any visual angle
until you get it.

Jamie and Myra are both talented artists in their own right.

I echo Joel’s comments on Cranbrook as well.

School for Jewelry and the Metalarts
50 Guinan St.
Waltham, MA 02451
781 891 3854


I would suggest the University of Wisconsin,Madison as they have a
great Jewelry/Metalsmithing program. The instructors are excellent!!!
Lisa Gralnick is one of the best teachers I have ever had the
opportunity to study with.

The only thing I would warn you to check into as I and others I have
spoke with have run into is find out what they think of workmanship
versus ‘MESSAGE’. I have found that a lot of so called 'artists’
really look down their nose at artists/jewelers that feel that
quality and workmanship is as important as the design.

This may not be every-ones experience but I have seen student work
that makes me go WOW! because it is so beautiful that still received
low grades for not speaking to some ‘cause’. I have also seen a 3D
montage of trash pulled from dumpsters stapled to a board and then
smeared with old coffee grounds that received an A. ( it was hard to
look at, the smell in the room made you want to toss your cookies).

Really, this is not a rant but just something to be aware of, Jerry.