Got to live the cleanest life possible


I have got to totally agree with Judy, about not letting any poisons
into our lives. It has got to extend far beyond the poisons that
occur in working metal, stone, etc.

I think that you must avoid PCB’s,which come at us from so many
directions, including water,which is almost all filtered
sewerage(every town does this) and filtering water the way
municipalities do it does not eliminate PCB’s-- you must drink spring
water unless you have a clean aquifer.

Next, paper products that are bleached and come in contact with your
body in a wet situation, such as toilet paper,tissues,coffee filters
etc, all provide us with PCB’s. And by the way every cup of coffee
that you buy, delivers a dose unless spring water is used, which it
is not. And of course our spring water is in jeopardy anyway, due
to acid rain.

Then we have our food, comprised of plant and animal products, and
the tragedy of our pesticide poisoning, chemical fertilizers,
hormones, etc.

Poisons are so prevalent in every aspect of our lives, that when
making jewelry, the least we can do is wear masks that work in each
situation(i.e. vapor filters for vapors and dust filters for dust or
the combination of the two); use the proper ventilation system(i.e.
windows and a powerful dust and vapor collection system), gloves,
etc. And do these things for our protection, our children,co
workers, spouses, etc. Don’t even bother taking any chances on these
matters, because even as careful as you are, you still have many ,
many, more poisons coming your way in daily life----industrial
pollution, cars, you name it!!

david soulwood jewelry