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Got the Blues?

I haven’t posted in this topic in a while. Here is a piece I made last year. This was a bugger getting everything in place where I wanted it, but I think it turned out well. I enjoyed the hand forming process on that bail. Thanks for looking.


I like your bezels. Sharp corners are a challenge. Do you cut your own stones?..Rob

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Thank you Rob, I am always diligent about filing the bezel to match the contour of the stone to make setting easier. I don’t do lapidary work. I would like to learn, but then that is just a whole other thing that would take time money and effort. Someday maybe.

Love the bail too…what are the stones?

Our Dad was a rock and mineral collector as well as a silversmith, so becoming a lapidary was fairly easy. There are clubs all around the country and the equipment, while not easy to learn to use, can be found used or you can make a lot of it yourself if you know a bit about machines and electricity. Go with diamond and resin wheels if you can, they are a lot easier to use than SC and you can use the resin wheels on soft metal. I sometimes finish my bezel and stone at the same time if the stone can be polished with ZAM. Good luck…Rob

Very nice piece. Enjoyable for me to view.

I like the overall shape created with the 3 elements, stone-tube-stone. Nice simple and elegant composition.

The top stone is pietersite and the large one is lapis lace onyx, which apparently has no lapis in it.

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Really beautiful. I especially love the bail! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s lovely.

Very nice design and skillful work!

Love the composition and patina on this piece!