Got my matrix software

I just got the matrix software this week. I have been using rhino by
itself for the past six months. if anyone is considering learning
cad you should buy the matrix software. it is an awesome program and
worth every penny you will spend.

also I have had my Roland mdx40 cnc mill now for about three weeks.
it is a nice mill and does a very nice wax. I am happy with the
quality of product it is turning out.

if anyone has any questions for me feel free to email me


Hi Matthew,

some questions:

Does your milling machine accept STL format files? Actually I know
JewelCAD and I want to use MDX40 for wax production. Will it work?
Secondly what is the speed of MDX40, means how many rings average it
produce in one hour? Can you know any company who provide the
facility to produce wax model on payment bases if I send STL format

Thanks and regards,
Tusif Ahmad

Hi Tusif Ahmad,

I know a service centre in India Bombay, they have RPT machine by 3D
systems and provide such kind of services on payment basis. If you
wanna deal from them May be i can help you, as I do it every day with
my stls.