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Gordon Aatlo - Jewelry Gallery

Gordon Aatlo designs fine jewelry with an emphasis on colored gems. Gordon is well known for his work with gem artists including Glenn Lehrer, Arthur Lee Anderson, Larry Woods, the Munsteiner’s and many others. Always moving forward, Gordon is on the cutting edge of design, introducing new techniques and experimenting with ideas that do not follow trends but start trends. All of Gordon’s work is produced in his studio in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Photo Credits: Lee-Carraher, San Francisco

A design series I call “Wired”. Matte finished platinum contains from left to right: Rubelite, Pink Sapphire and Spessartite Garnet. There are 24k wires that form a pattern to secure the center stones. Diamonds are set in bezels, except for the center Pink Sapphire ring. For that, I used Pink Sapphires also. The shanks are all 18k yellow gold. The bezels are high polished, while the remaining metal has been sandblasted for a very fine, matte finish.

3 pendants

3 pendants, all featuring gems designed and cut by Glenn Lehrer. Set in Platinum, two Brazilian Paraiba’s are framed in Platinum with diamond accents. A Sunstone, also cut by Lehrer, is also featured. My signature with the Lehrer gems has been to set a diamond in a platinum bezel within the Torus Ring gem. The sides of the pendants are matte finished, while the edges remain high polished.

Three rings in a series

Three rings in a series. The first two are both 18k yellow gold: one with Spessartite Garnets and Diamonds, the second with Pink Sapphires and Diamonds. The third contains bright Blue Sapphires and is set in platinum. The rings are all distinct in design as they channels and wires are set at different heights.