GOOD tent package for sale -

hello people - for those of you who want to get a GOOD show tent, i
just came across a super tent package for sale for $700 or less, made
by the same company that made my tent, etc, creative energies, inc.
it is really sturdy & elegant looking! here’s the description from
the seller:

“Top of the line tent setup way below original cost. The frame weighs
41 lbs. and has three built in anchoring points. Size: 10’ X 10’.
Heavy duty, water proof, mildew resistant white vinyl top and sides.
No leaking or collecting of water. All options: - Front Awning
Extension. - Four Zippered Curtains, including center and side
zippers for easy access and full enclosure. - Zippered Frame Bag. -
Zippered Material Bag. - Staking (tie down) System with Carry Bag. A
fully optioned tent, like this one, costs well over $1000 new. This
tent is in superb shape with less than 10 uses. We are no longer on
the show circuit & this Rolls Royce of show booths needs to find a
new home.” if i were not so happy with mine i
wouldn’t recommend this - i don’t even know the tent’s seller (&
there’s no commission for telling you about it), but i do know the
tent’s value! good luck -