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Good stone setting burs

hi everyone

im looking tio buy some more burs mainly stone setting ones, the last
ones were the swiss ones and they dont realy seem to last all that
long, so i need to find some better ones can someone tell me which
are the best ones and yes before anyone asks i use lube on them i
have tried bur life, spit and even with nothing and they still dont
last any longer maybe the brand wasnt any good who knows, i see you
can get burs made from tungsten vanadium, high speed steel and
carbide are high speed steel setting burs the better ones? also what
is the best company who makes them so i know what brand to look out
for i only want sizes from 1-5mm.

many thanks

Jason et al!

I can show anyone how the most expensive bur will and can get worn
down in nano-seconds. Even if it’s a $35.00 HS steel bur or even a
$1.50 carbide bur…wanna know how its done? on…

If you are drilling holes prior to opening up a hole for placing a
diamond and it gets in contact with some alloy casting residue. Or if
the same bur comes in contact with a diamond or it’s neighbour
stone’s “girdle”…can you say “woops, and good-bye bur”? If you speed
up your motor and the same bur heats up…the metal strength will be
then gone.

The price and manufacturer has nothing to do with the warranty of
ANY BUR… Lubricating any bur still has little relevance in it’s
short life, but keeping it cool and well oiled does help. My 6 pads
of burs do not let any bur come in contact with any bur. They are
kept separate at all times. If you take great care of your burs
following certain procedures, your burs can have a very long setting
life, under certain conditions…

Gerry Lewy!

Well Jason your in luck I have a extra set.25-5 only used on gold
it’s a extra set and I need money for tools that I need. They are
older show no wear as my uncle was the previous owner and like me
could rarely afford gold. Make me a offer.

Jen Lane

I like high speed steel burs. They seem to outlast the Swiss burs by
a factor of about ten. They are not as precise in the dimensions
though. They cut a lot faster, so if you’re used to using dull Swiss
burs, be careful when you start using them. Carbide burs are also
good and last a long time with a little care (run them fast and use a
light touch), but they can be a little pricey. Never tried tungsten
burs, so I can’t comment on them.


I agree Gerry and would like to add one thing. Open up the hole with
a flame burr before trying to use a setting burr. Make your hole just
a little smaller than the size you need, and then use the setting
burr. Trying to remove too much metal seems to wear out burs faster
and the cut is not as smooth. Teddy

I cant remember who started this post, but hello My thought on this
topic is the following

I purchased a small bench top drill press for this reason, I payed
$50 for it… its garbage, I know its garbage. I use it to cut the
initial setting, withing a mill ammeter of the final size. I then go
in with the stone setting bur and cut the rest… This has been how I
have set stones flushish for the past bit.

Hope this helps.