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Good propane torch options in the US?

I’ve been working with the German Goldsmith, and she uses a propane
torch and does phenomenal work with it. The problem? She doesn’t
know the brand, because she’s had it for so long, and I can’t seem
to find anything like it in the US. Anybody have any ideas of a good
propane torch with hose that I can use?

Please excuse any errors as this is being sent from a handheld device.

If it is just propane and air (no adjustable regulators or O2
cylinder), look at EZ Torch aka Orca or Whale. Otto Frei sells the
EZ Torch. I have one, but only use it for annealing and simple quick
in and out jobs. The flame is not very precise, but I could get used
to it. Unless I am using it incorrectly, it is also not hot enough
to solder large pieces or to do even small melts. My go to torch is
a Meco Midget with Paige tips on 1 lb. propane cylinders and an O2
concentrator. The EZ is fairly inexpensive ($100) and has a hose so
that you aren’t handling or tipping the cylinder. Good luck. Rob

Rob Meixner

Are you looking for propane/oxy or Propane/air? I teach new people
with a handheld plumber’s propane torch (Propane/air), but my
preference is for the smith little torch (Propane/Oxy).

Hi Pia

I use an Orca torch, also known as the EZ torch.

It is a propane/ air torch and can be set up to run on a 1 pound
disposable propane bottle or, with a different regulator, on a larger
20 or 40 pound bottle.

I use the 1 pound propane bottle as it is safe to use in my home
based studio.

The torch does not create a very precise flame, but with practice it
can be used for many different operations in silver work.

My current focus is filigree and the Orca torch is my go to torch
for 100% of my filigree work.

This is the link to the torch on the Otto Frei website.

When you order the torch you must specify whether you will be using
it with at 1 lb disposable propane tank or with a large refillable
propane tank.

Calgary, Alberta

Can I use my propane/oxygen torch (two bottles) for torch firing
enamels? How about using a small butane torch?


I would think a butane torch would not get hot enough for this. The
enamilists I know, use MAPP gas with a plumber’s hot head torch. The
also use these for making glass beads. A mixed gas torch would work
well, but if you are doing much of it, I would say you should invest
in the bulk cylinders rather than the disposable 1 pounders.


A butane torch works fine. If you can melt silver with it then it
will reach the temperatures required.

You can use the butane torches for enameling. It puts out more heat
and alarger flame so it covers more area and heats more evenly. This
also works better when you have your item on a screen or trivet as
those can tend todraw heat away. The smaller ones may struggle a

Best regards,

Phillip Scott
Rio Grande