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Good POS system


I have been using QuickBooks POS and pro for over a year now and I
can say I hate it. Consignment is a nightmare, inventory is ok, and
repairs and other labor is just awful. The prices always change a bit
and so the costs vary. I will be looking at DCIT BusinessMind
software for one location. I would like to know if anyone else has
had experience with it or other POS system software. I could have
purchased BusinessMind 4 times over in what I have spent on
QuickBooks POS after you take in account my time on it (away from
the bench), network personal, and training employees. yuck.


I use a POS program called Atrex. You can download a trial version

Ken Gastineau
Gastineau Studio
Berea, Kentucky

The QuickBooks company had me come out to their USA office to view
the first QB POS.

It is bad for jewelers. It’s OK if you’re a “7-11”. It can’t do
inventory control as it can’t track date. Yes, repairs can’t be

If you’re in the jewelry industry and have inventory you MUST have a
jewelry specific program. Our inventory turn is too slow for anything
else and with tracking repairs, well only a GOOD jewelry POS program
acan do that and there are few.

I do like DCIT

I “support” jewelers with The Edge and Jewelry Shopkeeper, too very
good programs, both cans end daily business to QB. I think DCIT will
too. - The Edge - Jewelry Shopkeeper - Business Mind

There are 5 reasons for financial distress in a jewelry store

  1. Charge too little for their labor (repairs & custom). Simple Fix,
    charge more (or get my Blue Book to Repairs -

  2. They have more inventory than they can sell in one calendar year.
    (Need a good program with good reports)

  3. Have the wrong price points. (The POS will tell you what price
    points sell and which do not.)

  4. They don’t have enough people walking through the front door (an
    advertising/Marketing issue)

  5. When they DO walk through the front door, the staff let’s most of
    them walk.

If you’re going to have a store with inventory, over $50,000, you’ll
need a jewelry specific software.

I think these programs cost for one computer

Shopkeeper $2350
The Edge $3700
DCIT $3500+

David Geller

JewelerProfit, Inc.
510 Sutters Point
Atlanta, GA. 30328
(404) 255-9565 Voice
(404) 252-9835 Fax

Check this software. It is a great POS system and getting better by
the day.