Good pliers

Hello Everyone, Believe it or not I have been making jewelry for some
time now with really crappy pliers and cutters. I am looking to get
a nice set. Since they can get very expensive I am wondering what
brand or type most people are happy with and why. I have been
looking at Lindstrom but am wondering if I can get something just as
good less expensive or if there is a particular company that would
be preferable to get them from. All the companies seem to overlap in
styles and prices. Mindful that this is not an area where I want to
skimp, your thoughts or suggestions are appreciated. Grace

Hello Tom & Grace, Many years a clock parts supplier reccomended
Lindstrom side cutters to me and they were certainly very expensive
at the time,but have proved very cheap after all these years of use,
they keep a sharp edge for a very long time and are great for cutting
anything from fine chains to be repaired or cutting pieces from
shanks when sizing etc. Hope this helps


Hi, Like you, I balked at the price of Lindstrom pliers. I went three
years working with inexpensive or moderately inexpensive tools when I
finally got fed up and ordered a pairof lindstroms. I now have two
complete sets and will not use any other plier. They fit my hand well
and are very comfortable to use, they do not slip like other pliers
and my cutters stay sharp unlike all the cheaper cutters that I have
to throw out after about a month or two. I hate to do this to you,
but the old cliche’ still holds true here, “You get what you pay


Lindstrom gets my vote. I have a pair of cutters I have had for
almost 9years now. They still work like the day I bought them. I
broke about 4or5 cheap pair cutting the same kinds of material before
I bit the bullett and bought the Lindstrom. I am glad I did, now
every time I replace a pair of pliers I buy Lindstrom. My choice
above all others. ( usual disclaimer goes here) Frank Goss

Hello Grace: I have a pair of Lindstrom Micro-Bevel Cutters that are
by far the best cutters I’ve ever had. I have Lindstrom Chain Nose
and Flat nose pliers that I use every day over and over and they are
great. Rio Grande has then for about $30 -$35 a piece. Michael R.
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The most important thing about buying pliers is to get box joints.
They will wear better than riveted jaws. I wouldn’t get a set or
pliers with long jaws. Start with good round nose and chain nose.
Latter add a part round ( they look like this from the side )l )
pair and a pair of chain nose parallel.

Marilyn Smith

I’ve tried a range of different pliers from fly tying ones through
inexpensive Harbor Freight sets in my student days to more expensive
ones. I think you should try out various brands and see what you
like best…borrow some from friends to test drive. My son got me
involved in his wire wrapping business and they use the 4.5"
Lindstroms. I have a the same smaller size from the Sundstrom
company. I like the Sundstroms better because of the firm feel of
the spring and the extra padding in the foam handles. The more
expensive pliers last longer and give better value, in my opinion.
Donna in VA

Hello plier fans,

My favorite pliers (a flat/round) came from Swest and are marked
"Swest" - I have no idea what maker. I’ve been using them since 1977
or so - a workhorse! Box joints are a must. I got a Xuron
double-flush cutter at Rio’s Catalog in Motion that is a real time
saver and is used constantly. Have not tried Lindstrom, but my
experience is that a good set of pliers will cost you what they’re
worth. If you can go to a show and try the tools, take some scrap
wire with which to test them. LOVE hand tools! Judy in Kansas

Hello Grace,

You may also want to check out:

Miland manufactures unique metal forming hand tools for jewelers.
His tools include an excellent double flush cutter, synclastic and
anti-clastic forming tools, ring and bracelet makers, hole punchers,
wire wrappers, texture hammers and more. Orchidians have talked
about the quality and usefulness of these special tools.

Dana Suess

   The most important thing about buying pliers is to get box
joints. They will wear better than riveted jaws. 

An exception to this would be that some very high end pliers and
cutters use lap joints, normally a cheap joint. But these use an
adjustable tension type lap joint, with a screw or nut, etc, rather
than just the rivet. Examples include many of the L:indstrom


Hi all, I agree that Lindstrom are just about the best. I’ve had a
pair since I started my apprenticeship 30 years ago and it’s still
like new. My problem is that I can’t find a supplier in Australia, so
if anyone knows of one, please contact me off list. All the best for
the Xmas season.

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