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Good plating books?

Hi all,

I just started a new job for the insurance and benefits. I am
plating rhodium onto jewelry but we are not plating anything else. My
instructions went something like “turn this knob up all of the way,
put the ring on the paperclip and dip it in the cleaner stuff for
about 3 seconds, then stick it in the water before putting it in the
rhodium for 3 seconds. then rinse it off”

since I am pretty particular about how I work I was wondering if
someone could suggest a couple of good books to get me started the
right way with electroplating

Thanks for the info! Jerry

These companies sell supplies for small users:

There are a ew engineering books but they are expensive for example:

Modern Electroplating, 3rd Edition
By Frederick A. Lowenheim

Price: $230.00

Media: Hardcover
Manufacturer : John Wiley & Sons
Release data : 20 June, 1974

Some of the jewelry making books have sections on plating. These
don’t seem to be the ones currently in print so the library may be
the best place to look. one book is:

"A Manual of Ccloisonne and Champleve Enameling"
P & J Strosahl and Coral Shaffer

The book includes a lot more than the title indicates. Although the
original book( 1981) is well out of print and seemingly never
listed on used book sites. Coral Shaffer at Enamelwork Supply has
photocopies of a revised edition for $20 ( at one time) A bargain at
a higher price.

Enamelwork Supply Co.
1022  NE  68th st
Seattle, Washington

A Manual of Cloisonne and Champleve Enameling
By J. Patrick Strosahl , Judith Lull Strosahl , Coral Barnhart

Price: $14.95

Media: Hardcover
Manufacturer : Simon & Schuster §
Release data : 01 February, 1985

"the theory and practice of goldsmithing " by Brepohl - in print
and has a good section on plating. A good book to have:

Theory and Practice of Goldsmithing
By Erhard Brepohl , Charles Lewton-Brain , Tim McCreight

This Publication is a Ganoksin Content Partner

Price: $70.00

Media: Hardcover
Manufacturer : Brynmorgen Press
Release data : 11 October, 2001


I think this link may have exactly what you looking for

Steve Guyot
Guyot Brothers Co Inc
Decorative jewelry findings & ornamental stampings since 1904