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Good Pearl supplier New York


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Hi there,

I am looking for a quality Fresh Water Pearl supplier. I want to buy rice pearls 3-4mm size (with a smooth finish) by the hank. I also want to buy 4-5mm round Pearls too. The pearls willl need to have good lustre without bumps or boroque finish. I need a good hole sizes so chinese sourced pearls tend to work best. A New York supplier would be very convenient for me.

Thanks very much for your help.



I’ve had good experiences with Pearl Concepts on Howard St. in Manhattan. Call first if you’d like to see their inventory.
Linda Becker


Thanks Linda,
I will give them a call and go visit
All the best


Hi there,

Can anyone recommend a good pearl supplier? I want to buy by the hank. East coast, West coast … online…

All replies appreciated



Hi Kate,
I haven’t seen who others might have suggested, but get in touch with Betty Sue King with the King’s Ransom.
She is one of my very favorite people and handles some beautiful pearls.

When one-of-a-kind is important


Betty Sue King. King’s Ransom. She has stunning pearls and knows her s**t.
-Jo Haemer


try Majestic pearl…they are in New Jersey.