Good medium size torch for soldering/brazing

Anyone have torch like this? I need something bigger than my micro weld but smaller than my big smelter, I’m brazing heavy sheet so need a pointed high temperature flame.

Mine is a national. It will work for soldering large heavy sheet and will also melt a few ounces of metal for casting. I use a 3 A-B torch. You can find used on Ebay and other sites. National 3a Torch for sale | eBay

I use a Meco Midget on propane and O2 for a lot of my work. I regularly solder 8 gauge silver wire, anneal very large pieces and melt over 50 grams of scrap to cast ingots. I also have a Little Torch and an EZ Torch. The Little Torch is for, well, little stuff and the EZ torch is great for annealing. I replaced the stock tips with Paige Tool tips. They make a big difference. I use 1 lb. refillable camp stove propane cylinders and a 5 lpm O2 generator. The combination works very well for me and keeps high pressure cylinders out of my shop. There is a lot of information in the archives about torches. Good luck…Rob