Good holder for a beading tool

What is a good holder for a beading tool?


I hold my beading tools in these:

which is held by this:

which is powered by one of these:

Perfect beads every time, and under one of these:

I can bead in places you wouldn’t be able to bead conventionally.

Stuller has various workshops and tours throughout the year, where
they let you play with these (and more) tools.

You should call them and ask them when the next one is:
Paf Dvorak

What is a good holder for a beading tool? 

Funnily enough, a beading tool holder. CIA

Ummm…, a beading tool holder!!

Thanks for all the suggestions for a beading tool holder. When I
bought mine, there was no holder listed in the catalog so I was
using a pin vise. I especially like Paf’s suggestion about using my
GRS graver tools and handles. Wonderful idea. Of course at this
stage in my learning the art of raising beads and doing bright
cutting, my supply of special tools is meager. I did get a benchmate
which arrived last week. What an improvement over the makeshift
holder I was using.

I am giving serious thought to getting a microscope as my optivisor
and loupe are barely adequate to seeing what I am doing.

I am finally getting my gravers sharpened correctly so that they
don’t skid around and are behaving themselves. I got the Crocker,
but am doing the sharpening by hand. So far, I seem to be doing it
correctly as I am getting nice little shavings with them, and have
been able to raise some nice little beads. Alma

I use Tagua nuts for my beading tools as well as my gravers. Totally
green and have a great natural shape that fits the hand like a
glove. when you sandoff the shell it looks and feels like ivory…

Can you be more specific? What kind of tool?

I have tried many ways of organizing my beading tools and recently
purchased this bench organizer. I love it. I work on a table rather
than a bench and it is sturdy without any modifications.