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Good Displays?

Hi group, I heard someone mention display supplies and there has
been previous discussion about diplay set ups at fairs. I am
curious about any and education on doing store
diplays. Being a metal artist who has recently taken first steps
out in public (my work is starting to sell by the way, Yea!), I
am quickly realizing the great importance of store display and
how much I have to learn on the subject. Presentation has allways
been important to me. I am learning how each situation with a
store is different as to how much control one might have over how
their work is presented. I have also been investigating various
companies that sell display products and considering also things
I could construct myself. So with this set up for you, can anyone
share their thoughts on this subject? Advice or experiences?
Suggest suppliers of such products? I have seen Rio advertise one
book on the subject called “Jewelry on Display” by MariAnn
Coutchie. Has anyone read this book or have any thoughts about
it? Thank you so much for your time and Happy,Happy New
Year!-Carrie Nunes @tnunes

Being a metal artist who has recently taken first steps
out in public … I am quickly realizing the great importance
of store display… Presentation has allways
been important to me.


Speaking as a customer, rather than an artist, I think that the
best person to design the displays for your work is you.
Details count. If your displays and your work show the same
attention to detail, and a unified theme, (or set of themes), I
think that a customer is much more likely to look at them
longer, and to come away with a sense of respect for your work.
This should mean more sales.

Just my $.02 worth.

Tom LaRussa

Having worked for a major retailer for a number of years, I can
tell you some design tips we used. First, all jewelry, elements
and cases must be spotless, use a mini vac and glass cleaner
daily. Selvt cloth the gems daily (A thumb print shows up
beautifully in the well lit displays). Group similar thing
together, in odd number groups… 3, 5, 7 etc. Make sure the
items are straight in their displays. Use lots of light, of the
right kind. Make sure tags are neat. And so on…

I learned how to do good displays by looking at other dispplays
and stealing ideas I liked… and by doing them! Change your
displays a little (or a lot) daily, but change them a lot at
least weekly in your displays that are visible from outside the
store… It gives the impression you have fresh new merchandise.
. Move your displays around too… for the same reason…

The last step in any display set up should be to look at it from
the customers viewpoint! If it looks bad, FIX IT now!

I guess these are common sense… hope they helped.