Good chemical suppliers in poland

hi all

is there anyone here that lives in poland and that knows of a good
chemical supplier that can supply fine boric acid powder, nitric
acid, aqua regina, tri sodium phosphate and maybe borax powder. i
would also be greatfull if i could get the polish names for these

thanks for any help you can give



I can help you with some terminology:

fine boric acid powder- proszkowany kwas borowy
nitric acid - kwas azotowy
aqua regina - woda krolewska
borax powder - proszek boraksu

There is a company “Szafir” in Krakow tel +48124326920 or
+48124219275 that carries jewellery supplies but I am not sure about
the chemicals. Maybe they can direct you somewhere else.

I hope this help.

Danuta Cieslukowska

Hi, Jason,

My cousin whose mother is Polish says: “Trisodium phosphate (TSP) and
borax powder are common laundry aisle items. I’ve used grocery store
borax as a flux for brazing. Boric acid powder might be available in
a pharmacy, I know it has medical uses. Nitric acid and aqua regia
might be available at construction supply houses, I believe they are
used for etching brick and concrete.”

I haven’t spoken to his mother for the name of these items in
Polish, but I will this weekend.