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Good bye for now!

I will be unable to have access to the internet for a while,i am moving to
a new house,and i cat get a phone line until the house gets a street
number(the building inspectors are re-numbring the street)cause without a
street number they phone company cant give us phone i will be
gone after i say good bye for now!!!

Sincerely:Matthew Johnson


I was hoping i could have got online sooner but i could
new home is very awsome,it is a modular home,the company
manufactures these homes.they come in many pieces,the first floor
comes in 2 pieces which the place on the foundation and they
fasten them together and then the roof gable windows and walls
come on the next truck,the put the back wall in and fasten it to
the walls and then the side walls are put up and finaly they put
the gable windows inand fasten it all together and you have a
house.but unfotunantly the DUMB workers pet a piece of trash
between the roof and the back wall making a open space where the
water can leak in,but luckily we had it are house is
almost finished(all we have to do is put the carpeting down)if
you are curious how this all works just e-mail me!

Sincerely:Matthew Johnson