Golly - how to find the discussion on protective waxes for toolsq

A couple of months ago I had wonderful answers to my question on how to protect tools like raising hammers and stakes. Maguires paste wax was one answer and there were other suggestions. I can’t find the discussion and Maguires is apparently a supply chain issue. Twice had an order for it cancelled and refunded. If I could find that discussion I’d be able to see the other materials suggested.

Johnson’t Paste Wax was a standard for protecting cast iron surfaces of things like table saws for generations. But recently Johnson has discontinued production.

Boeshield T-9 is a go to for many machinists.

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I found Meguiar’s at a local Car Zone.


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YES! Thank you. That was one of the other protective solutions. This would be good on raising hammers and stakes?

I just saw Mequiar’s at my local hardware store. I couldn’t remember why we were discussing it then, now I do. Thanks Jo and Jeff, I will try it where I usually use Museum Wax…Rob

I just ordered and received Meguiar’s Gold Class Carnauba Plus Premium Quik Wax from Amazon.

Neil A

Boeshield would be very good for protecting hammers and stakes. Just like any covering, oil, wax, whatever, you’ll need to renew the coating after using the hammer or stake. Just give it a spritz and let it dry.


is this the discussion you were thinking if?


Thank all of you for the suggestions. I do live near the ocean about 6 miles. I too have ordered it from Amazon and twice have had the order canceled in the last month which brought me to believe that there’s a supply chain issue I see that those shield T9 which I use for my bike chain comes in a container that would be able to use just drops, I may be crazy but I prefer to keep my lungs out of the equation and try to stay away from aerosols. There’s more control with the drop on a rag if there’s any discussion on that I’ll be watching for it again thank you all. And I just wish I knew how to use this system better so I could find the original discussion. Stay well everybody.

Let me know how that works out for you. Since I’ve ordered twice from Amazon and both have been canceled in the last month and of course I was reimbursed but I wanted the product so I’ll be looking forward to hearing your results.

I use Maguiar’s for protecting both my tools as well as my finished pieces. As well as family heirloom silver ware.

I think that we have been spelling it wrong. What I don’t know is which one of their many products you use to protect tools, hammers and finished pieces. Please let us know. Thanks…Rob


My Durston rolling mill bought a decade ago in London from H.S.Walsh was protected everywhere with a coating of lanolin. As a result, it had a characteristic smell for a couple of weeks!

I subsequently tried it on some of my silversmithing hammers, it seemed to do a very good job, none of them rusted, but was a bit tedious to remove.

thank you!