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Goldsmiths, creative craftsman wanted

Thanks for all the responses to my advert. I guess more information
is n eeded. Our company is R. W. Wise, Goldsmiths. We are located in
the bea utious Berkshire hills of Massachusetts about 1 mile from
Tanglewood. We specialize in handfrabricated original jewelry. About
75% of our pieces are made on the premises. We don’t take in
outsidre repairs which thou gh a big no no in the commerical industry
allows us to focus on design wo rk. We are looking for a master or an
advanced apprentise with good basi c fabrication skills and gem
setting skills. We specialize in colored ge mstones and do all the
basic types of setting and then some. If you are looking for an
education or a challenge and are interesed in doing it the old
fashioned way with emphasis on quality first send me an email or cal
l 413-637-1589