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Goldsmithing workshop teaching experience

I have just returned to my studio after a wonderful teaching
experience in Boston. I presented a three day goldsmithing workshop
last weekend at Metalwerx, in Waltham MA, and it was a fantastic

Metalwerx is a very well conceived and thoughtfully designed
environment. It successfully combines a cooperative community studio
and professional educational facility. I was impressed by the well
organized integration of these two separate aspects and how they
function as a single entity. Karen Christians has done an excellent
job, and her highly skilled staff and are to be commended.

The students in my class were energetic and enthusiastic, the
facilities were top rate, and the overall experience was a
resounding success. I look forward to my next workshop at Metalwerx
and I highly recommend this resource to all.

Michael David Sturlin

I was at Metalwerx last year & I really liked the set up for the
classes. But what interested me the most was the group of people I
met at the studio.

Karen rents of studio space for artist and I met some of them and we
had dinner together.

Sarah & Dave are extremely nice and helpful I remember how they
helped me pack up my booth at the one day show we did.

Kenneth Singh
46 Jewelry Supply,
46 West 46 St,
NY, NY 10036

Michael David Sturlin, was more than I could have imagined. The
class, Crocheting Chain was just wonderful. Michael has a very
relaxed pleasing manner that was coupled with a very organized, well
planned, and very well taught class.

The class was presented in such an orchestrated fashion. With such
ease in following each step, one did not feel confused and as though
they where lagging behind. The hand outs where wonderful, with such
well organized instructions, that where also easy to follow. Michael
spent as much time needed with each individual, until he could see
that each person well understood how to crochet chain.

Also, with all steps each of us went through, Michael was there with
guidance. This is always a plus, as you where not fearful of
destroying the piece you where working on while going through each
step. This made it very relaxing for all of the students. With a
class this size, I compliment Michael in his ablility to give all
the attention he did to each of us. We all left feeling the sence of
completion, because we did in fact, have a completed piece of
crocheted chain.

Thank you Michael. I am looking forward to taking more classes with
you, at Metalwerx.

Carolyn DiCecca