Goldsmith recommendation in Raleigh, NC

A friend of mine is searching for a good goldsmith in Raleigh, North

Any recommendations?
Thank you.
Kim Lilot

Absolutely. Brian Booth.

25 years bench experience

Larry Seiger in Cary; David Phelps in Durham; Britt Anderson I think
is in Raleigh…

I know Larry and David are both Orchid members, not sure about

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio

Hi Kim,

Forgive me for being so forward as to recommend myself, but my shop
is located in Apex, a small suburb just west of Raleigh. I’m a JA
Certified Master Bench Jeweler and a longtime Orchid contributor. If
for some reason your friend wants to stay in Raleigh, contact me,
anyway. I can steer your friend to the appropriate jeweler depending
on what needs to be done.

Larry Seiger
Virtuoso Jewels

Thank you.

I certainly will pass your contact along to my friends
Larry. Cheers.


Hands down, David Phelps. Actually, in Durham - but a couple of
minutes further in the car will be well worth it.

In Raleigh, Brian Booth and Larry Seiger would be my
recommendations. I know Brian quite well, we have worked together in
the past and especially if CAD is involved, he’s your guy. I have
never met Larry, but I know him by reputation and I’ve seen his work.
Both are impeccable.

Dave Phelps