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Goldplating turning brown

Hi there!

I seem to have a problem with my goldplating machine. I have been using a Chinetti plating station since last summer. I currently have in my workshop 3 types of solution - 2 types of 14k, 1 type of 24 k.

Starting last week, it started turning my jewellery brown, mostly around the edges, while plating. I was using the settings in the goldplating sollution worksheet. I tried with different sollutions, different temperature, different voltage. 1 piece might turn out ok, the other 5 or 10 look burnt.

I checked the temperature of the bath with a separate thermometer (than the one in the machine), it seems to work fine. Every piece is cleaned in the ultrasonic beforehand, and degreased with salt, then rinsed in distilled water, then in neutralising solution.

This just doesn’t make any sense :slight_smile:

Has any of you had this problem?