Goldfill to karat

here is a query begging a speedy solution! A customer gave me a
10k gold fill pin that she wants set on a ring base that I will
cast. Is this possible (dangerous?) to solder the pin to the ring
without losing the gold finish or is it likely to evaporate to
it’s base metal? This is a mans ring with a fairly thick base.
Perhaps it would be best to epoxy it into a framed setting? Any


Darryl yes you can soder it in place without any problems if yu
use a 10k soft solder Vernon

Darryl: You will almost definitly destroy the finish on the pin
if you weld it. Your idea about epoxy is ok, but you could “Solf
solder” it with TIX. That would be a more perminant way. another
way,if possible would be to make a bezel to fit the pin and weld
it on the ring,then bezel set the pin. Also, you could weld
prongs on the ring and prong set the pin like a stone. I don’t
know the shape of this pin so I’m not sure of which I would do.
Let the customer know that a plated pin will start to wear down
and loose its detail pretty fast on a ring. Could you make a mold
and cast it in gold?

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA

Darryl, I’ll probably get alot of jeers from my fellow orchid
people, but I repair alot of emblematic jewelry, and the 10
enameled pieces are usually soldered on with a soft solder, such
as Tix brand. A really low heat will flow this, and it is fairly
strong. It’s been working for me for about 15 years!

Wendy: Why would you think anyone would give you grief over
repair of costume or plated jewelery? I got pretty good at
repairing this type of stuff at a store I used to work at and I
think it’s a good thing that alot of jewelers don’t get to
experience. Most stores maybe turn it away.It takes a very good
touch with a torch.Don’t get me wrong,I really prefer custom work
and stone setting anyday but it is a good skill to have.

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA

I deal in a lot of high end costume jewelry and sometimes it is
very important to have a bench jeweler who can do repair a pin or
whatever on a highgrade pieces or maybe just a keepsake from
grandma w/low carat solder or a tiny bit of lead. When I used to
solder every job was important , especially to the person that
owned it. That is just my opinion of course!


As previosly stated, it is possible to make a Gold/filled pin
into a ring and in many instances I have been asked to put shanks
on old pins. It can be done attractivly and safely. BUT, a
pin is built to be a pin, most pins are not meant to take a lot
of abuse. They are designed to be held loosley on a piece of
cloth. as ring is held tightly on a finger, a ring gets lots of
abuse, a pin can be destroyed in a short period of time when
attached to a finger by a shank.

For me, this is the biggest issue for making an old pin, gold
filled or karat gold into a ring. Look at the piece and
determine if it can take the wear that it will get from a ring.
And then talk to your customer, inform them of the risks and they
can decide if it is what they want to do.


Luck is when opportunity and preperation come together…

That is the greatest attitude to have so glad someone else has that

…a final note (with thank-you attached) to the assortment of
hints and recommendations for the “goldfill problem”. I explained
the risk to my customer and she agreed to chance it. All I had
available was karat solder. We were both please with the results
and I have a new experience to my collection. The pin , btw, was
an Air Canada service award and very sentimental to the owner.
…Darryl MacLeod