Gold wire for neckpiece

Hi All–

Does anyone know of a source for 18k gold cable (not cable chain)
that can be used for necklaces? I’m specifically looking for material
that could be made into a neckpiece that would be made of
several/many strands of gold cable, with randomly placed, bezeled
diamonds–each strand could be worn alone or with others. If you
don’t know of a source, if you have any suggestions, they would be
welcome–here or separate email.

Many thanks.

Hello Carolyn,

You could try Barbara Minor and Chris Hentz. They hand make precious
metal cables. You can contact them and see their work heRe:

Eva Martin

Try Herco in San Francisco. They have 18K cable in a few different

Joel Schwalb

Hello Carolyn,

Have you considered, buying a tungsten drawplate and drawing the
wire yourself? In the long run, the cost evens itself out. of course
you do need a rolling mill as well