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Gold vs Silver


Do you work with Silver or Gold mostly?

Mostly in gold. Gold, platinum, and silver, in that order of


…and more than that, Copper - I’m still a novice, plus I like it
as artistic media for the number of colorful effects you can get with
patinas and enamels.

In response to Mark’s Survey: Do you work with Silver or Gold

Silver but I prefer gold, both the working characteristics and the

However, my life is more silver than gold even though I’m a golden

Silver, but love to work with gold. Rob

Rob Meixner

Do you work with Silver or Gold mostly? 


Do you work with Silver or Gold mostly? 


Steve Wandt

Started with copper (80’s). moved to silver when I started getting
skills built up (90’s). Worked for years in silver, gold and the
platinum group metals (00’s). Now that I am basically retired, I am
back playing with mostly silver and copper alloys.

Gerald A. Livings

Pretty much even with platinum and gold alloys (14K, 18K, white and
yellow), with silver coming in close third here.


Mostly 18kt gold for our clients, but I’ve been having big fun with
Continuum Silver lately.

Silver as a matter of choice, but I wouldn’t mind working with gold.

Irene Lopez

usage ratio = majority Platinum/RU, followed by 18ktYG, then
Continuum Silver for final work with regular Sterling used for the
permanent model designs to be molded and archived… naturally, once
in a blue moon 14kt gets a nod, but that’s rare.

coloured gold alloys beyond green, pink and white (which I detest).
I love 18, and 22 and rarely get jobs in 24 kt- but LOVE it-if i make
things for myself I like the pure colours of regional 24kt yellow
golds-african yellow gold is a great orange-y yellow whereas south
american gold is rich deep yellowI use red-orange, olive green,
blue-green and other gold alloys in one -off pieces for clients. I
also use a lot of fine silver - I don’t like sterling because of the
copper content I also have been playing around with gold mokume
billets no copper/silver a I don’t want it turning colour on my
client’s skin!

Do you work with Silver or Gold mostly? 

I work with gold mostly for business and silver mostly for pleasure.

Mostly gold, then palladium and platinum, rarely silver.

for myself it is Silver then cooper


R. E. Rourke,

I guess I am wondering, why wouldn’t African and South American 24kt
gold be the same color if it is .999? How would you access either
type from a seller? From what I understand, a lot of gold we receive
is recycled, “Environment friendly”.