Gold testing Kit

Could someone send me the name and address of a few jewelry tool supply places in the NYC area around 47th street, please? I wanted to buy a gold testing kit from Rio Grande but they wanted to charge me 30 dollars extra because it is an acid and has to be shipped by UPS.
I’m living out of the United States and am asking someone to bring it in their suitcase to me. Do you think that would be a problem?

thanks, Marna

I just went thru the same exercise with Rio. Look on Amazon. I just bought a $6.00 bottle of testing chemicals for $6.00 and nothing extra as I am a prime member…Rob

What were you thinking? What happens if the bottle of acid breaks while in shipping? One simple word…DON’T!!
Remember that some of the luggage gets scanned and if you’re caught, you will be in a boat in the river against the current & without any paddle!..good grief!
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There is a reason for Haz Mat shipping charges. Your buddy can get in big trouble transporting that material. You wouldn’t want that in your suitcase either. Source it closer to your home or bite the bullet and pay for shipping.

Marna! Why would you jeopardize your friendship for such a foolish and dangerous act? You could be liable for everything that could be thrown at you and the ‘mule’…How about a hefty $,$$$.00 fine and who knows what else? Why give it to someone else and not take it yourself just to save a few damned dollars?

I think the word in the USA, is a felony…aka being just a stupid act…'just what were you thinking" was my first post on this topic! (my eyes are still rolling)

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Try Pretty sure you can go there and pick it up in person.

I hear you , thanks

Hi Marna!

All you need are the needles (or star with the tips) and the stone. You should get the acids here. Max Store in Talpiot has an incredible selection of little glass jars (including teeny tiny ones) which you can use for the acids. I’m sure anyone who has the acids will be happy to give you the small amount you’ll need. They are VERY dangerous to transport and can cause a lot of damage if they spill.

Janet in Jerusalem