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Gold testers


What electronic gold testers are best? There are a lot out there and I’d
be grateful for some opinions before I buy…



Hi Tim,
The business I work for takes in a lot of scrap metal, maybe 1 to 1.5
kilo per month. We have found that just using the acid test is the most
economical. But we also use a tri electronic gold test unit also. It is a
really good unit. It will tell you if it is platinum or what karat of gold
it may be. It is a bit on the expensive side running in the neighborhood
of 550.00, but it is reliable.We purchased ours from Swest Inc.
I hope this helps you.
Michael B


I am looking for gold testing equiptment.
If possible, pls provide with us details of Tri electronic golde tester.



We are trying to “assay” soem gold nuggets. Has anyone had any
experience with the electronic gold testers I now see on the

We need to determine the putiry of gold to three decimal places,
i.e. 0.900 fine, plus or minus 0.025.

Mark Zirinsky
Denver, CO


Mark Z. Thanks for asking. I also want to know which electronic
gold testers pass the test.

Alan Revere