Gold sulphite

Hello everyone: I am trying to see if I can turn gold sulfite (which
is in muddy brown powder form) into yellow gold color powder form
without melting. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to do it by
using of chemical? I want to have gold color powder at the end. Any
info would be highly appreciated.


It is not a job for the average bear in his average workshop, but
you should be able to reduce it by passing pure dry hydrogen over it
at a temperature well below the melting point. At one time long
ago and far away now we sometimes contaminated palladium by
allowing it to cool in a sulfur containing hydrogen atmosphere (
refinery reformer hydrogen). Heating back up and soaking a while
in the same atmosphere brought the activity back up. Pure H2
works better. I don’t remember the temperatures but could make
a pretty good guess. I doubt that this is something you would
want do. This would be a general way to make pure metal powders
from a precipitated reduceable salt.