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Gold soldering for 24K gold jewelry


This is going to be my first post. I’m based in Kathmandu, Nepal. I
have a small jewelry shop in Kathmandu and suiting small jewelry
workshop adjacent to the shop with 5 jewelry makers.

Does any member know how can we make a gold soldering alloy with 97%
pure gold with mixture of 3% of other metals? Zinc mixture is not
practical when soldering tiny piece of jewelry. Read somewhere that
Gallium can be a good option. However, I do not know much about that
metal. Cadmium is restricted metal in Jewelry in Nepal. Please advise
if any one has an idea. Thank you.

Binod Bajracharya

I work in 24k and never use solder. I use tiny snippets of 24k; They
melt faster than the bigger pieces of jewelry.

Hope that helps.
Paf Dvorak

I can't replay from experience, but from the scientific stand
point, ANY alloy will lower the melting point. One method of purity
determination is melting point. One hundred percent will be the
highest melting point. 

Best I can contribute based on my years of experience doing drug
analysis, and yes it applies to both pure metals as well as complex


hi Binod, Is fusing not an option?