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Gold solder

I’ve been using, and loving, 18k gold solder from Europe–Holland,
to be exact. A Dutch friend has been the source–but it’s getting
harder to get it from her. So–I’d really appreciate some input on
your experience with 18k solder from one of the U.S. suppliers. My
experience has been that the stuff you buy in the U.S. doesn’t flow
as well, and is, in general, harder to use. But I’d really prefer
to have a more local source. Thanks.

I've been using, and loving, 18k gold solder from Europe--Holland,
to be exact. 

I learned soldering with sheet solder cut into chips. I’m trying to
speed up my fabrication and at a workshop in FL someone showed me a
paste solder in a syringe. I tried several varieties of it and the
one I like best comes from Unique Solutions in FL, Orchid member Beth
Katz sells it and you can get it in silver as well
as gold. I misplaced a syringe of it for a year and it still flows
freely. I have no connection to Unique Solutions other than as
a satisfied customer. Donna in VA