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Gold solder correction and silver solder

Hello all

Some minor correction needed on the gold solder recipes. Instead of %
read gram or an other weight unit.

I got also a lot of questions for silver solder, you will find them
at the bottom…

The necessary amounts are by weights for the gold solders.

For soldering low carat gold

	45gr gold(Au)
	35gr silver (Ag)
	20gr cupper (Cu)
	3grTin (Sn)
	4gr Zink (Zn)

Melting point approx 620 degrees Celsius

	45gr gold(Au)
	30gr silver (Ag)
	15gr cupper (Cu)
	2gr Tin (Sn)
	2gr Zink (Zn)

Melting point approx 800 degrees Celsius More cupper, tin and zink
lower the melting point

Medium carat

	60gr gold(Au)
	22gr silver (Ag)
	22gr cupper (Cu)
	3grTin (Sn)
	3gr Zink (Zn)

Melting point approx725 degrees Celsius

	60gr gold(Au)
	12gr silver (Ag)
	12gr cupper (Cu)
	2gr Tin (Sn)
	3gr Zink (Zn)

Melting point approx 835 degrees Celcius

High carat

	80gr gold(Au)
	8gr silver (Ag)
	12gr cupper (Cu)
	3gr Zink (Zn)

Melting point approx 745 degrees Celsius

	80gr gold(Au)
	3gr silver (Ag)
	8gr cupper (Cu)
	3gr Zink (Zn)

Melting point approx 875 degrees Celcius

By exchanging silver with more copper you get a more red alloy Using
more silver instead of copper the coulour will be more yellow.

Silver solder

These formulas are in weight %

Melting point 771 degrees Celsius (extra hard , White)

	80% Ag
	16% Cu
	4% Zn

Melting point 740 degrees Celsius (hard, white)

	75% Ag
	22% Cu
	3% Zn

Melting point 691 degrees Celsius (medium, white)

	70% Ag
	20% Cu
	10% Zn

Melting point 670 degrees Celsius (easy, gray white)

	65% Ag
	20% Cu
	15% Zn

Industrial solders (handy for repair work)

Melting point 629 degrees Celsius (very easy, grey white)

	56% Ag
	22% Cu
	17% Zn
	5% Sn

Melting point 615 degrees Celsius (very very easy, yellow white) has
a good flow

	50% Ag
	15.5% Cu
	15.5% Zn
	16% Cd
	3% Ni

The difficulty in the making of solder is to prevent the burning out
of the Zn and Cd by overheating. So be careful with the heat. And
always go down from the highest melting point metal down to the
lowest melting point metal. Stir good Use always reducing flame
(overdose gas) and borax, sugar on top. Remember that every time you
ad a other metal, the melting temperature of your alloy goes down, so
you need less heat. Pouring out in sand, delft clay or a hot
crucible. Quench them in alcohol and roll them down to workable

For the lowering of the alloy melting temperature, silver and copper
do approx the same lowering. The effect of Zn, Sn and Cd is very
strong for lowering the temperature. If your alloy does melt higher
than the aimed temperature, ad a bit more zinc and tin. or Cadmium.
You have probably burned it out. Work in a reduced and clean
environment, because oxides in the alloy are rising the melting
temperature. especially in gold solders.

Good luck
Martin Niemeijer