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Gold rings help arthritis

BTW, Great article in LJ Charles!

Charles Lewton-Brain said "Wearing a gold wedding ring can
help reduce the pain of rheumatoid arthritis in the finger on
which it is worn < snip >

Hmm, increased gold ring sales and helping people too? How about
gold bands for other joints? Do you think this is a property of
the alloy gold or a result of the support to the finger? It is a
fine conducter of electricity; electricity is used in allopathic
as well as homeopathic medicine for healing wounds & bones which
have not healed by any other means. Also the metal keeps and
radiates warmth into the bone from the body which any arthritic
joint & bone loves, believe me! Some people swear by copper for
help with arthritis - and isn’t there copper in most gold rings?
On another note, gold is considered a healing metal and color as
is yellow. Now combine the healing properties of the stones
{certain stones have an affinity for certain metals, others
aren’t picky} with that of the metal … Bright & shiny
Blessings, Kat