Gold ring grown into apple

Hi all, thought I should share this story I found. Perhaps this is a
unique way of marketing, rather like growing a pear inside a bottle
(it goes in as a tiny one still on the branch).

Girl finds gold ring inside apple

A 12-year-old girl has found a gold ring after biting into an apple.

It’s thought the ring may have fallen from a fruit picker’s finger
and then the apple formed around it.

Jamie-Louisa Arnold told the Sun: “I bit into the apple and
something hurt my tooth. I took it out of my mouth and there was a
gold ring. I was amazed.”

Her mother Melanie said: “Jamie-Louisa is thrilled she found a
golden apple. Last week she found two rings at the pool and handed
them in - now she’s been rewarded.”

The heart-shaped ring - valued at =A330 - is engraved and has a tiny
diamond .

Mrs Arnold, of Cowlinge, Suffolk, bought the apple during a family
holiday at Waldegraves Holiday Park near Colchester in Essex. It is
not known where it was grown.

The Sun’s gardening writer Peter Seabrook said: “The odds are very
long, but it is possible the fruit could seal around the ring.” from:

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