Gold refining procedure

hi friends

does any ones knows the procedure of refining alloy gold ( with
copper, silver and little zinc as alloy) to pure 99.95 % gold. I
know the acid procedure using conc, nitric and sulphuric acids. BUt
the fumes are very dangerous thats why I am looking for an
alternative. Also shor international ( )
are selling some simplicity gold refining machinery. They say its
safe and odourlesss. Does any one knows which type of salts they use
and what is their principle. Have any one used that machinery!

Thanks in advace


hi I am in search of a gold refining procedure other than using
nitric and muriatic acid. Does any one knows of such a procedure.
Also supplies one simplicity gold refining
machinery which uses this principle. It uses a certain type of salt
water bath using electric current. Does any one knows which type of
salt they are using. Please give whatever help u can .Thankyou very
much. ( please mail me at @Mithun_Rao)