Gold refiners recommendations

In the past I have seen some articles on member’s preferred gold
refiners but my search for those articles wasn’t successful. Could
anyone list their favorites?


I’ve used a lot of refiners over the years. In my experience the
best, most reliable results has been from Hoover and Strong

A plus there has been the availability of trading in for different
alloys of gold and Platinum, as well as findings and finished
jewelry. I’m very happy with them.

Tom Tilney

United Precious Metals


I use United for all my refining and alloy needs and have used them
for several years.

As long as we are the subject of gold refining, I have been using
NTR Metals. They melt and do what I believe is a spectrum analysis.
Does anyone know how accurate this type of assay is compared to
traditional assay.

A refiner calls me and wants my business, I tell him I am happy with
myrefiner, I get 98%, no assay fee, I get paid within 20-40 minutes
while I wait. I am told spectrum analysis is not as accurate and
that I do not get paid for other metals. In the quantities I have
refined, I believe the trade off of not having to pay the assay fee
mitigates any loss of the small amount of silver I do not get paid
for. Another advantage for me is that when gold hits a high, I do not
have to pay shipping and wait and possibly get a lower dollar value
when the gold drops during the time I wait. Any accurate info would
be appreciated.

Richard Hart G.G.
Denver, Co.

Hey y’all, I’ve been dealing with Stebgo Metals in So. St. Paul MN
for many years. Absolutely happy with the service and returns.

Hans Allwicher

United Precious Metals 

I second the recommendation for United Precious Metals! We work
mostly in silver so I am a small fish when it comes to refining
needs compared to most but they treat me like I’m their most
important customer when I call them with a question or order. I love
their S-88 alloy. It rolls out smooth as silk.

Rick Copeland

Stebgo Metals is the best. Family owned from the start.

Honest and reliable.
Todd Hawkinson
Southeast Technical College


Order some of United’s S57NA (New Age) alloy for your sterling. We
have been using it in our studio for a few years now, and it is
performing well. Rolls and draws easily, and casts clean, not even
needing pickling. United’s metallurgist explained that similar to
Argentium, it has 2 thin layers of tarnish/fire scale resisting
oxides which form on the surface of the metal, keeping it looking
great for much longer periods.

The S57NA alloyed sterling FAR out performs regular sterling alloyed
with copper, and I like it even better than the S88 alloy I used for

Jay Whaley

Order some of United's S57NA (New Age) alloy for your sterling. 

Thanks Jay. I was going to order some last time I talked with United
but their technical guy who knew the details on the alloy wasn’t
available at the time. I’ll order some the next time on your

Rick Copeland