Gold prices are dropping

Weekend/beginning GOLD PRICES in case you hadn’t noticed!

Surely Most of you in business keep track of the spot market- But
Just in case you haven’t had the stomach to look at it in a few
weeks, or better yet, days- Get That Order in Today ! Its Lower than
in. well, at least 2-3 years, and Platinum- even if you don’t
usually incorporate it into your designs- is equally affordable! Buy
a piece for your kiln (plique a` jour enamelling work)if nothing else
! I’m practically speechless, and almost giddy - yet, when I come
back down to earth- I remember it was around $126.00 an oz.-if that
much when I began this expedition into applying physicality to
creative processing and having something tangible at the end of the
trip! Anyway- order lots,- and you wealthy folk. leave some for
me!..(wishing I played the lottery, so I could win it today and buy
enough gold to last until it hopefully drops back to the 500 a tr.
oz. range!)…rer

I remember when gold was $35 an ounce and just how old does that
make me? And I remember the day it was unpegged. And the predictions
that it would go to $1000 an ounce overnight. It didn’t.

Barbara at the end of a day when there was no snowflakes and when
the first robin was spotted - with mitts and a toque.