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Gold pmc clay and platinum

Has anyone tried to inlay gold pmc clay into a platinum ring? I have
an inlay project and the spaces to fill are large and irregular. If
anyone has tried it are there any tricks? It would be an expensive
experiment. Thanks Micky Roof

I have never tried to inlay pmc clay but I have inlaid 24k into
platinum by under cuting the channels that hold the gold in and then
basicaly setting it. I have also hammered it into engraving done in
steel that works reals well. I read about gold amalgum inlay were
you use mercury to turn the gold into a paste and then heat it to
drive off the mercury, it sounds pretty dangerous but it did look
real nice. I also saw some product for producing that crystalized
look in gold a while ago in a rio grande catalog I think. I don’t
know if any of this helps but it may give you another angle to try.


Micky; It is relatively easy to fuse 22k or 24k gold into most
platinum alloys. It works very well, I wrote a workshop article for
Lapidary Journal years ago that detailed the process in the surface
of a pair of wave pattern bands. I stippled the surface of the
platinum in the recesses, which were about .8mm deep. PMC shrinks,
and from what I understand, the temperature would be more critical,
as well as the clay being more expensive.

Rick Hamilton