Gold/Platinum 18k alloy formula needed

Hello everyone!
I am faced with another dillema… :slight_smile: so I come to you for help… again.

I have a request to make a ring in 18k gold that would have a gray-ish white color. I have 999.5 Pt and 999.9 Gold available, along with fine silver and copper. Is there a formula that would yield the desired color and still allow me to hallmark it 18k gold?

I could just order Pd master alloy, but I like to mess things up, usually, so I couldn’t skip this opportunity :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your (constant) help!

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As someone who is constantly developing gold formula’s myself, I will be watching this post closely. I would recommend using palladium, not platinum and alloying it with 75% gold, 16% palladium and balance silver. For platinum you might want just gold and platinum, 75% gold, 25% platinum.

Hello you can use palladium and silver to alloy 18k

I use it ad it gives me good results in terms of color ad malleability, just do not use acetylene or graphite for melting or stirring 75 Au, 18 Pd ,7 Ag.

it is soft nice color and can be cast too

What sort of ingot mould do you use for palladium White gold?

Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t know of any source for pure Pd here in Europe, while Pt I can buy in small (1g or 5g) ingots.

I try to find a way to use what is at hand :slight_smile:

For Pd white gold, I could buy the master alloy to mix with gold, but I would rather develop my own mix, as I can consistently repeat it and not depend on any individual producer.

Ah I see. I too, strongly share your sentiments on not relying on a particular producer. It is one of the reasons I enjoy alloying everything myself.

I looked it into it, platinum doesn’t act as strong as palladium as a whitener and makes the gold more dense. Plus an higher melting point would make it quite to become homogeneous.

I make my own palladium white gold, and I usually mix with a graphite rod. Why do you say not to use graphite for melting or stirring this alloy?

Janet in Jerusalem

Hi, this is a company in Belgium where you can buy palladium, hope this helps you,
I can give you probably also adresses in Germany

Thank you for the link! Hey have it and deliver to my country :). I’ll order a 5g plate and start from there.
If you could one day find the address of the Germany shop as well, it would be helpful to have more than one source :slight_smile:


I’ll go the Pd route :slight_smile:
A fellow orchidian posted a link where I could buy .999 Pd.

Here you can but palladium

This refinery is located in poland(i remember you were looking for someone in europe).

the other link you asked is: