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Gold plating source

Looking for a source to gold plate just one silver medallion, about
the size of a half dollar. The silver piece has turned a particularly
disgusting shade of brownish black on the person who bought it and he
understandably would like to wear the piece without being revolted by

The situation is this: the gentleman appears to have a body chemistry
that is just ferocious in reacting with sterling silver. He wears the
silver piece on a chain around his neck, against his skin. The
gentleman does manual work, meaning he sweats a lot, and it has been
summer the entire time since he bought the piece. But still, I don’t
believe I have ever seen silver react to this extreme.

By the way, this piece was cast with the deox silver.

We tried lacquering the piece, but that has not held up.

This raises the general question of body chemistry as a variable in
connection with metals. Some people say they are allergic to 14K
gold, or that they can’t wear gold at all. Some say they can wear
silver but not gold. I have seen before my eyes a person strike a 14K
gold ring against her arm and have it leave a black line. What could
be the underlying factors here?

Do you think, for this particular gentleman, that gold] plating will
work? Maybe rhodium would be better? Suggestions, please. And if
plating will work, who will be willing to do just the one piece?

Ricco Gallery
125 W German St/PO Box 883
Shepherdstown WV 25443

Re:medal turning skin black – I recall reading that the black
discoloration from rings may be due to handcream residue, not the
gold. I do have a friend who cannot tolerate zinc. It not only
causes discoloration, but also redness and swelling over a large area.
She wears higher content gold. Plating might work. Your client’s
body chemistry may make it necessary to remake the medal in another
metal and put the other one in a special viewing place at home. (I’m
assuming this is a religious medal which can often be displayed in a
worship center in the home.)


I cannot answer the question as to whether plating will work - but if
it will work I have had wonderful experiences with Cal-Mart Plating in
Los Angeles - (213) 623-6987 - ask for Kenny. They have plated “just
one piece” for me at a very reasonable price. Sheridan Reed